The unbendy Yogi

The unbendy Yogi

Back in my London apartment, I sit in my favourite armchair and start to sketch my Yoga Bunnies. As I draw them in different warrior poses, I think about them being ‘peaceful warriors,’ like my fellow yogis, and how the core poses give us strength to deal with the ups and downs in our life.

Having made the decision to design jewellery while at a retreat in India, I felt liberated and excited to take control of my destiny. To cultivate the mental and physical energy needed to start a new business, yoga was my way to reduce stress and add calm within the chaos.

I started my yoga practice three years ago. Growing up with my Mum, she always talked about spirituality, alternative medicine and Buddhist philosophy, so yoga felt like a natural home for me. When I discovered there was more to yoga than exercise - it's about a deeper way of life and thinking - I embraced it fully.

I wish I had found yoga earlier. At the age of 35, with most of my career as an interior designer spent sitting in a chair, I had a bit of catching up to become a bendy yogi!

Yoga is now such an important part of my life, and I’m happy to be able to bring its beautiful ethos and spirit to my jewellery.


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