The light bulb moment

The light bulb moment

Cycling in Goa one morning on my way to get a piece of jewellery made I had a light-bulb moment. I had just finished a two-week yoga retreat and was feeling refreshed and vibrant. Like a scene from ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, I was cycling through fields, breathing in the lush morning air and appreciating the pink and orange colours of the sky.

My best friend and I were on our way to a small jewellery workshop we had discovered a day earlier. I wanted to design a piece to remind me of my yoga journey. It needed to be unique, elegant and playful. At the retreat the evening before, we were having a laugh about how Yogis are called ‘Yoga Bunnies’ and I visualised it literally - bunnies practicing yoga - and put the two together. This was my light-bulb moment and where my adventure began.  I wanted to start designing yoga-inspired jewellery.

Getting an idea is the first step, but following it through is the second, much bigger and scarier step!

Over a year later - with lots of hard work, strong coffee, and many trips back to India - my Yoga Bunny jewellery collection came to life. I hope you love the collection and enjoy creating your own personalised piece as much as I have designing it.

Follow me as I write about my journey, the experience of starting a new business, and how I jumped into the unknown!


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