The Colours Don't Clash in India

The Colours Don't Clash in India

India always inspires me. As an interior designer, I love the abundance of colour, rich decorations, beautiful motifs and absorbing architecture. My first trip there was over seven years ago and I’ve been back many times since.

As the home of yoga, I wanted my jewellery brand to have an Indian influence. To achieve this, I created a paisley motif and combined it with pink and orange for a modern take on a traditional design.

Pink and orange, an unusual combination in the West, can be seen everywhere in India - on women’s saris, at the richly painted temples and the marigolds that float in water bowls. The colours are vibrant and joyous with orange representing courage and community and pink, happiness and hope.

The paisley motif is also symbolic of India. Paisley had previously brought to my mind William Morris, the late 19th century English textile designer. Originally from Persia, paisley became associated with the country when the East India Company imported into Britain prestigious Indian-made fabrics with the design.

When you buy a piece of my jewellery, it comes in a white gift box with an orange ribbon. Inside is the paisley motif in pink and orange. I hope it takes you visually to a vibrant place!
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