The Alternative Christmas

The Alternative Christmas

London at Christmas time is something special. The lights, the cosy feeling of snuggling up inside with close friends, mulled wine and mince pies and winter walks in the common. But as much as I love London at Christmas, I also like to get away and celebrate the festive season in different places.

My healthiest and most relaxing Christmas was spent at Purple Valley Yoga in India. It was great to get away from the usual festive indulgences and pamper myself with massages and treatments instead. The most stressful part of my stay was a decision to hire scooters and ride them through the hectic streets of Goa. It was madness, and we all needed a drink at the end to calm our nerves.

Last year was my favourite Christmas. I spent it in Capetown with an old friend. South Africa is one of my favourite countries–I love the food and wine, spectacular scenery and the soul of the place.

It was on this trip, while travelling around South Africa’s Eastern Cape, I discovered a woman selling broken pieces of Ming Dynasty China from a 17th century Portuguese shipwreck. My friend’s family knew the story of the ‘Sante Espiritu’ that was ship wreaked in 1608. Over the years, small pieces, smoothed by the sea, have been washed ashore.

The blue and white china fragments with their intricate designs make beautiful pendants. As each piece is one-off, a limited number of necklaces are available just in time for Christmas.

This year, I’m heading to the Austrian alps with my good friends and their two little boys. It will be a lovely traditional Christmas. We’re hoping for lots of snow and I’m especially looking forward to the après ski.

Wherever you and your family and friends are spending the festive season and whatever you’re doing–Enjoy!

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