Less Sugar More Energy

Less Sugar More Energy

2016 was a milestone year for me. I launched my jewellery brand and Yoga Bunny signature collection. It was a tough but rewarding year and I don’t think I could have accomplished so much without a healthy eating and exercise regime.

When I started designing jewellery I already had my own interior design business. I knew I’d need the physical and mental energy if I was going to run two businesses at the same time. This meant changing my sometimes unhealthy London lifestyle.

I was already practicing yoga three times a week and eating fairly well, but my morning and afternoon sugar and caffeine fixes, evening glass(es) of wine and sleepless nights were draining me and I needed an energy boast.

I’ve never been one for diets, but while in South Africa this time last year so many people I met were on the Banting diet or Real Meal Revolution. Everyone raved about how great they felt and how much energy they had so I decided to give it a try.

Banting is a low-carbohydrate and high-protein and fat diet. Not a new concept but I liked the easy to follow guidelines, with Green ‘all-you-can eat’, Orange ‘eat moderately’ and Red ‘avoid’ food lists.

The first two weeks were kind of fun. I joined online chat groups - a big part of the programme - to ask questions and get meal and recipe ideas. By the third week I felt terrible. It was like a hangover without the fun night before! What I was experiencing was ketosis.

Apparently, if you avoid all sugars and eat enough fat your body starts to metabolise fat instead of glucose. To quote Good Housekeeping South Africa, ketosis for Banters “… is a bit like achieving Nirvana!”

Four weeks in and I felt brilliant. And I was buoyed by friends’ comments on how good I looked. After four months of pretty much no sugar and carbohydrates and with regular exercise, I dropped a dress size, was skin was clearer, I was sleeping better and felt energised.

This new year I’m not following the Real Meal Revolution as strictly but I try to stay mindful about my food choices. I need to keep energy levels up for the launch of my next ‘luna + stars’ jewellery collection!


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