A very lucky daughter

A very lucky daughter

As Mother’s Day comes around in the UK, it fills me with warm feelings about my Mum – and a touch of guilt. My Mother lives in New Zealand where it’s not Mother’s Day until May, but without the cards and advertising in the shops to remind me I often forget.

But I do tell my Mum on a regular basis how much I love and appreciate her. I feel very lucky to have such a supportive and, generally, wonderful Mum.

I find I need her more now than I did in my 20s. When I started my jewellery business, I spoke to her on a daily basis. Going out on my own was daunting but her confidence in me helped me through the scary times.

She’s there for my moments of self-doubt and also shares my excitement and happiness when a piece of my jewellery appears in a magazine or I receive a compliment from a customer or celebrity.

When I was young we both had a love of arts and crafts. I would sit at the kitchen table for hours drawing, cutting out and painting. I loved making things with her and showing her all the weird and wonderful things I created.

I’m really happy my Mum is still able to share my creative journey with me.

I’ll be wishing her a “Happy Mother’s Day” this Sunday. And hopefully I’ll remember in a few months’ time to send a card and present!

Love you Mum! xx


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